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US Senate Must Act: Pass the Belarus Democracy Act 2020 in the 116th Session of Congress

The Belarus Democracy Act 2020, bipartisan legislation, was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives and now is in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. There are only two weeks left for the Senate to pass the Act. If the Senate does not pass the Belarus Democracy Act in this 116th session of the Congress, the process will start all over again and will take up to half a year for the Act to be passed by the House of Representatives and by the Senate.

💥The Belarus Democracy Act needs your support💥

‼We must put pressure on the Senate to pass the Belarus Democracy Act this year‼

We have just two weeks left. Do not put this action for later. Help now!

✅Please send this letter (find the text below, just copy and paste) to every Republican Senator from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Ask your family members and friends to send this letter to every Senator from the list. ✅

✅In case your ZIP code does not let you send the letter, do not get discouraged, move on to the next Senator.✅

❤❤❤Belarusians from around the world appreciate your effort!

Together we are power!❤❤❤

🤍❤🤍Верым! Можам! Пераможам!🤍❤🤍

Topics: Foreign Affairs, Foreign Relations, International Affairs, Foreign Policy, Human Rights, Civil Rights/Humanity

HR 3848 Belarus Democracy, Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Freedom Act 2020

I am writing to request that you support the expedited passage of HR 8438 Belarus Democracy, Human Rights, and Freedom Act of 2020 which was sponsored by Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) and passed by the House on November 18th with broad bipartisan support. The bill is currently with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It is critical to the Belarusian people that the Senate pass HR 8438 in this 116th session of the Congress.

Belarusians have suffered brutal repression by the Lukashenka government because they deigned to protest peacefully, but with resolve, every day since the fraudulent presidential election in Belarus on August 9th. The authorities are persecuting people from all walks of society, political activists, journalists, independent union members, journalists, religious leaders condemning the violence (Belarusian Catholic Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz continues to be barred reentry into Belarus because he spoke out against the Lukashenka government), as well as regular Belarusians who simply want the freedom to govern themselves. Belarusians need America's support for their effort to defend their basic freedoms including voting, speech, assembly, and religion and dignity to be free from government violence when they disagree or choose to change their government. These are core American values that have made it a model for the world.

Belarusians in Chicago, NFP (630) 974-8017

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