Belarusian in Chicago 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization was founded in 2011 and  registered in 2017.

 Our dedicated members make this organization possible.  Please join us to create a community, to learn, support, and celebrate Belarusian culture, language, and history.


  •  Promote, preserve, and develop Belarusian culture, history, and language

  • Create a resource to preserve the history of Belarusian immigration in Chicago

  •  Serve the needs of Belarusian community in Greater Chicago area

  • Create an informational resource and a support system for Belarusian immigrants for easier settlement in the United States

  • Educate children of Belarusian immigrants about their cultural ancestry

  • Educate American people about Belarusian culture and create a strong alliance of Belarusian and American people