If you have any artifacts related to Belarus please contact us

The history of Belarusian emigration to Chicago dates back to the 19th century, but the organizations created by Belarusian emigrants of past generations did not strengthen and did not reach us, the new emigrants.
We all understand that the small contribution of many individuals is more beneficial than the work of just a few enthusiasts.

It is also clear that no one will do anything for us. Only we ourselves build our reality present and future.

Together we are the Force! Together we can help our loved ones in Belarus, together we can celebrate our holidays, together we can keep each other from trouble.

Please, if you want to make your contribution to the future of Belarusian Organizations in Chicago, leave your contact information and activities that you like.

The Belarusian organization in Chicago began its activities in 2011 and was formally registered in 2017. The presence of an organization does not mean that we, Belarusians, should be in only one organization. It is always better to create several organizations, but so far we have only one.

Zhanna Chernyavskaya