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Peaceful Solidarity Line against political repressions in Belarus.

Peaceful Solidarity Line and rally against political repressions and government's brutality in Belarus during the 2020 Presidential elections was held on Sunday, June 28, 2020, near Chicago's historical Water Tower on Michigan Avenue. The current election campaign can already be called the most brutal of all ever conducted in Belarus, as Aleksandr Lukashenka has been ruling the country for 26 years. Since the presidential race began in March, two of the leading candidates as well as hundreds of protesters, activists, and journalists, have been imprisoned. Most of them have since been assigned political prisoner status by human rights organizations. Innocent people who simply want to speak up and share publicly their political views or have been involved in peaceful and lawful political activities are denied basic human rights of free speech and free assembly. We need the World's attention on what is happening in Belarus.


photographer Victor Hilitski

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