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Buffalo Grove Rally in Support of Belarus 11.22.20

Митинг в поддержку беларусов,

отстаивающих свободу и независимость своей страны

“We will not forget. We will not forgive!”

Solidarity chain in memory of Roman Bondarenko. He was a children’s art teacher and former soldier, who was beaten to death four days earlier after he tried to prevent plainclothes cops from removing the red-and-white emblems of anti-government protests put up in a playground.

“I’m going out,” the last words Bondarenko wrote on an internet chat line before going to the playground. Masked men were photographed beating Bondarenko as he lay on the ground and then dragging him into a police van. He was taken into police custody before being sent to a hospital in a coma. He died from brain injuries the next day.

Over 17,000 have been detained for periods of time, and more than 500 tortured since demonstrations demanding Lukashenko’s resignation spread across the country from August on.

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