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I do what I love and I love what I do.



My name is Yuliya Kalbyka.  I am modeling and etiquette coach.  Teach girls and women catwalk, right posture, grace of movement, etiquette, dress code and photo posing.  I organize women's meetings, classes, master classes. 

I do elegant projects and fashion shows.  I have over 10 years of fashion experience.  I know femininity and elegance adorn a woman.  And next to a lady, men become gentlemen.  I believe that a smile and good deeds fill the World with love, light and happiness!

About Show "Charaunitsa"

I love my Motherland Belarus.

In 2020, I made a wish: to organize the Belarusian fashion show in Chicago.


The idea of ​​the event is to acquaint guests with Belarus, Belarusian traditions, and the beauty of Belarusian women.  I believe women have tremendous power.  Power is to be feminine, wise, kind, elegant, and graceful.


"Charaunitsa" is the first Belarusian fashion show in Chicago.  Designers from Belarus, local Russian and Ukrainian collections, live music, dance performance. 


"Charaunitsa" means a sorceress. 


Belarus like a beautiful woman will charm everyone with its sincere smile, kind heart, and grace.  She believes in goodness, love, and a bright future!

Афиша готово.jpg


My wish came true!

Thank everyone who helped me to organize the project "Charanitsa".  In September 2021 I start with a project for teen girls.  The project includes modeling and etiquette classes where girls learn manners and femininity.  I am planning to organize the Miss Elegance 2021 show in December 2021.  The idea - a woman is happy when she follows her feminine nature.  Elegance helps to present female beauty.  Every woman is unique and worthy to be happy!  The projects are aimed at developing femininity and elegance.

 Please support me in my wish to bring beauty, kindness, light to the World!

Voluntary donation






  Zelle 847-686-1618


 Send ideas and proposals for cooperation to the email address


Thank you!



Yuliya Kalbyka 



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