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Courage Documentary Screening

We would like to invite you to the screening of Courage, a documentary by Aleksei Paluyan, about the mass protests following the fraudulent presidential election in Belarus and the brutal government crackdown. Courage premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival earlier this year and screened worldwide at several prestigious film festivals.

When: Sunday, January 16, 1 PM

Where: The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

2320 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Admission is free.

Donations are welcome.

Donation proceeds will support the families of prisoners of conscience in Belarus.

By the City of Chicago mandate, proof of COVID vaccination and masks are is required.

The screening is organized by the Belarusians in Chicago, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Illinois Division.

The film Courage is dedicated to the struggle of the Belarusian people for democracy, dignity, and human rights in the conditions of the ruthless Lukashenka regime. Since 2020 peaceful protests, the Lukashenka regime, with the full support of Putin’s Russia, unleashed brutal repression and arrested more than 40 000 peaceful protesters, with more than 1000 prisoners of conscience. The regime destroyed civil society and the independent media. CIVICUS Monitor, the human rights organization, has assigned Belarus the worst rating of civic space. Around 200 000 people had to flee Belarus in the past year in fear of persecution and torture.

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